Works in Progress Include


Thought Provoking II is a collection of philosophically motivated thoughts in the spirit of Return to Innocence, Sine Nomine, Finding Answers, Simple to Complex, and Thought Provoking. The work includes 50 self contained thoughts that should be considered independent of each other.  

Technology Works will be written to help readers learn a bit about application development. I am still a bit novice in building web applications, but I definitely have learned enough up to present day to make for an interesting read.  

A scholarly undertaking to annotate the first critique of Immanuel Kant through the eyes of a 21st century first philosopher. It is my belief that Professor Kant may well have defined a formal metaphysics in the 18th century. The work has sat in great libraries for over 200 years often reviewed but possibly never fully understood. More so, there may in fact be a fraction of society that possessed a complete understanding of the breadth of this critique, however we never hear of first laws (in comparison to natural laws i.e. F = ma or E = mc²), thus there is some obscurity with respect to what we know as a whole in comparison to what we know in part. My annotations attempt to present Professor Kant’s first assertions in a modern day formulation. At present, my work is incomplete and therefore I do not know if in fact a first science was described by Professor Kant over two centuries ago.